About BeneSwap

Beneswap is a full ecology decentralized cross chain trading platform based on Polkadot ecology as well as a new decentralized and encrypted asset trading platform. It adopts the mechanism of friendly automated market maker (FAMM) and decentralized cross chain exchange protocol. It can exchange and transfer across chains all currency of cryptocurrency/token safely, quickly and cheaply, and conduct liquidity mining, covering Bitcoin, Litecoin, Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance smart chain, HECO chain, EOS, TRON and other tokens of mainstream public chains.

Beneswap White Paper

Functions and Properties

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Flexible trustless cross-chain technology

Beneswap's cross-chain bridge is a decentralized cross chain asset trusteeship, through which users can complete the asset trusteeship and extraction.


Fully compatible with ecosystems

Fully compatible with ecosystems such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.


FAMM algorithm mechanism

Beneswap can solve the problem of "impermanent loss" faced by Uniswap and other DEX. Through the introduction of FAMM algorithm mechanism.


Order book

Order book enables users to submit their own orders, making transactions controllable. Beneswap has optimized the order book system, making it simpler and more efficient.


Decentralized financial products

In addition to the trading function, Beneswap also has a variety of decentralized well-known financial products, including leverage, futures, contracts, loans and so on.


Cross-chain mining

Beneswap will start cross chain mining, and integrate cross chain technology into ETH, Polkadot, BSC, HECO, Okex and other chains for liquidity mining.

User Distribution

Adhering to the philosophy of serving mankind, BeneSwap Foundation, through the blockchain application ecology, provides quality services for global users. Up to April 2021, we have 37,000 users worldwide.


Development roadmap

2020 Q3-2021 Q1

​BeneSwap team formation, feasibility verification, white paper release;

Q1 of 2021

The BeneSwap mainnet will be launched and liquidity mining start;

BeneSwap will reserve a part of the mining pool;

The subsequent community can decide to open a new mining pool through Bene voting;

Q2 of 2021

Attract early users through community promotion and liquidity mining rewards.

Partners include research institutions, blockchain media, community communities, etc.

Currency exchange function based on automated market maker model (AMM);

Realize cross chain of assets, including BTC, ETH, USDT, ECO, etc.

Q3 of 2021

Support and integrate various functions of DeFi mining, such as wallet, loan mortgage, aggregator,

Optimize liquidity, increase gradient price and improve capital utilization rate;

Add IDO function;

Support NFT transactions;

Q4 of 2021

BenaSwap will launch decentralized perpetual contract products.

BeneSwap will launch contracts and options;

2022 and beyond

BeneSwap will launch more derivatives functions;

Test the might of ecology

Beneswap:Integrating Uniswap, Sushiship and Pancake

Decentralized derivatives platform

  • Flexible trustless cross-chain technology

  • Liquidity Mining

  • Transcation Mining

  • Non-destructive mining

  • Cross-chain mining

  • High scalability;

  • FAMM algorithm mechanis;

  • Order book;

  • Fully compatible with ecosystems such as Ethereum;

  • Decentralized financial products.



Core Team

All the team members of Beneswap are senior specialists in relevant fields of the industry, and have rich resources and experience. They have made remarkable contributions to Beneswap Foundation and its subordinate business modules.